I create for social justice. I wrote a book and gave a TED Talk about gender. I design edugraphics & doodles and write articlesabout gender, sexuality, identity, and oppression. I perform live comedy shows about S.E.X., snap judgments & oppression, and prejudice, faith, & identity. I speak and deliver keynotes about social justice issues that are tailored & outcome-oriented. I publish curriculum & activities to help educators institute Safe Zones for LGBTQ folks. I consult social good organizations on improving their digital efficacy and educational accessibility. I print socially-responsible greeting cards.

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Sam Killermann is an Activist / Author / Austinite / Comedian / Designer / Developer / Facilitator / Hummus-Fiend / Illustrator / Person for Hire / Photographer / Poet / Sex Educator / Social Justice Advocate / Speaker / Storyteller / Thinker / Writer who travels the world creating.

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I get a lot of email, but I do my best to respond to everything. One thing that helps is when messages end up in the right inboxes. Here are a bunch of other email addresses you can use to get in touch with me, use your judgment for which one is best (& I'll appreciate you forever):

  • sam (at) samuelkillermann (dawt) com
  • sam (at) itspronouncedmetrosexual (dawt) com
  • sam (at) thesafezoneproject (dawt) com
  • sam (at) guidetogender (dawt) com
  • sam (at) gamersagainstbigotry (dawt) org
  • yo (at) samkillermann (dawt) com
  • yo (at) sociallyjustcards (dawt) com
  • hey (at) haveyouseensex (dawt) com
  • hey (at) samtalkto (dawt) us

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Chaminda Mapa, NOVL Management
cmapa (at) novlmgmt (dawt) com

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Sam Killermann
P.O. Box 684412
Austin, TX

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A forever work-in-progress:
this site, and me.

Hey. You. Yes, you.

Welcome. This site is meant to be a professional what’s-what, showcasing the things I do and providing links between my work. It’s safe to say it’s still very much a work in progress, not that it won’t be that forever, just not so much.

I’m the Director of Creativity for huesa global justice collective. And that’s where I spend most of my time creating these days, but I still create individual efforts that will land on this site.

Oh, and for the record, noting that this is (or will be) my more “professional” [scare quotes] site, if that’s not your bag you can find my “personal” site, browse the ever-so-casual www.samkillermann.com (I call it “Dear World”).

Never ask for permission to smile,


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