To say “Hi!”…

If it’s short & sweet or are likely to get you the quickest response, but also works.

I get a lot of email, but I do my best to respond to everything. One thing that helps is when messages end up in the right inboxes. Here are a bunch of other email addresses you can use to get in touch with me, use your judgment for which one is best (& I’ll appreciate you forever):

  • sam (at) samuelkillermann (dawt) com
  • sam (at) itspronouncedmetrosexual (dawt) com
  • sam (at) thesafezoneproject (dawt) com
  • sam (at) guidetogender (dawt) com
  • sam (at) gamersagainstbigotry (dawt) org
  • yo (at) samkillermann (dawt) com
  • yo (at) sociallyjustcards (dawt) com
  • hey (at) haveyouseensex (dawt) com
  • hey (at) samtalkto (dawt) us

To book a talk/performance…

Chaminda Mapa, NOVL Management
cmapa (at) novlmgmt (dawt) com

To send me something…

Sam Killermann
P.O. Box 684412
Austin, TX