Hues is my new home. I’m a cofounder, and I will be serving as the Director of Creativity and CEO. You can read way too much about hues on the official website (which is, awesomely,, but below are a couple important things that I’m proud of.

First, our mission: to create art that inspires action, tools that facilitate change, and resources that bolster efforts for global justice – all embodied in the spirit of the gift.

I’m proud of this because I think it neatly sums up everything I’ve done (individually and collaboratively) — something I didn’t think was possible, as evidenced by the overwhelming website you’re currently reading this on. This is what I do. I call myself an artist, but I’m really an activist who uses art to educate. And I’m driven toward a goal that some call naive, but I’ve always thought of as justice:

To live in a world where everyone is healthy, understood, educated, and safe. And that, my friends, is hues. I hope you’ll help us do what we do better, and tell us how we can help you do what you do better.

hues: A Global Justice Collective