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Good afternoon, Lovelies! I have so many exciting things to share with you, but I’ll keep this to just the excitingest bits. I’m still finishing updates to my website, but you can read here about how I’m doing things differently this year, including my hopes for emailing.

Excitingest Bit #1: New Social Justice Model, Need Help

I’m working on a visual, practical, actionable model for folks who want to “do the work” to undo oppression. There will be a version for each -ism (starting with undoing racism and sexism), and I’d love to have a small focus group to get feedback on it this week. Email me back if you want in.

Excitingest Bit #2: New TEDxTalk

This weekend I’m heading to San Diego to speak at my third TED event. This one is TEDxYouth, and I’ll be talking about empathy and social justice. I’m feeling excited, terrified, honored, terrified, and nervous — so no real change since #1 (in 2011) or #2 (in 2013 — which, just broke 100K views on YouTube!). If I keep up this TEDxTalking pace, by 2017 I will explode.

Excitingest Bit #3: New Book (not mine)

I just finished editing cherished friend and esteemed colleague Dr. Karen Rayne’s first book, Breaking the Hush Factor: Ten rules for talking with teens about sex. I’m thrilled to be publishing this book this summer. You can read a preview chapter on the site now. This book is going to make a lot of folks’ lives a lot better.

What I’m reading, watching, and poking

I read The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible by Charles Eisenstein I can’t recommend that book enough to any activist-minded person who is feeling their hope wane. Eisenstein also wrote Sacred Economics, which is the book that pushed me to fully embrace the gift economy in the way I do business.

I watched Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy? (on Netflix), an animated documentary/conversation with Noam Chomsky. The conversation is accessible, and the animation is hand-drawn and psychedelic — what’s not to love?

I’ve been poking Elevate, a brain exerciser app, and Circa, a quick-read news app. Both are on iPhone and Android. And Circa has a really great website for consuming news.

That’s all for now.

I hope you’re well, and I hope to hear back from at least some of you!

With love,


P.S. I just learned that I can send Mailchimp emails through my gmail (Wut. Yas.). That’s how I’m sending this email (not to count any chickens before the grass is green). If this is as easy as Mailchimp is making it seem, expect more frequent updates from me (more frequent than once every two years — the bar is low).

I’m Giving Another TEDx Talk, creating a new social justice model, and more new stuff!