I speak and deliver keynotes about social justice issues that are tailored & outcome-oriented.

I’ve given dozens of keynotes at conferences ranging from the national-level professionally-focused (e.g., The National Sex Ed Conference, NJ), to regional, youth-serving (e.g., Teen Lobby Day, WA). I like to talk about activism, allyship, advocacy, bystander intervention, anti-bullying mindsets, [intersections of] identity, education, gender, sexuality, reducing prejudice, and undoing oppression.

I’ve given 3 TED Talks, “The Cost of Dreams” at TEDxBGSU, “Understanding the Complexities of Gender” at TEDxUIChicago, and a yet-to-be-released talk about empathy as a framework for achieving global justice at TEDxYouth in San Diego 2015.

Here’s the gender one, with over 100,000 views on YouTube alone:


I speak at colleges, high schools, and middle schools around North America. I give presentations on many of the themes mentioned above, but with more of a focus on interactivity, engagement, and entertaining learning.

“I appreciated Sam’s time at Lehigh and especially with the DOS staff. Sam was/is very approachable and educates in a way which entices participants to want to learn more through his humor and development of learning points. He created a space for our staff to explore our own gender identity in ways which we had not done before, which created some awesome conversations with co-workers and helped us learn more about human development as a whole, which in turn will hopefully translate to better support for our student’s journeys.”

– Brooke E. DeSipio, Ph. D.
Director, Office of Gender Violence Education and Support
Lehigh University

Speaking is something I’ve worked the most at. It didn’t come even a little naturally to me, and I still often get so nervous I feel like I might vomit or explode or blackout or all three. But it’s something I’m committed to doing well, because I hold a great amount of respect for the opportunity to deliver a powerful message to a group of people willing to listen, to learn, and to be better people to others if they’re provided with a framework for how.