Note: the following is at best incomplete, and at worst wholly inaccurate. My schedule is always evolving and shifting.  With that said, it’ll at least give you an idea of where I’ll be and when, and why it’s taking me so long to reply to your emails (sorry!). If I’m near you, let me know. Let’s do brunch. I love brunch.

Most events I do are private (e.g., for a conference, or a university), but I will make ticketing info available for anything that is open to the public. And in any given road stretch in a state, I may be in several different places doing several different things.

Currently booking 2017

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  • New York, NY – Please inquire for exact dates and locations
  • San Jose, CA – Jan 24-26 Santa Clara University


  • Whitewater, WI – TBD
  • Austin, TEXAS – Nerd Nite “Sex Strikes Back” – Facebook Event (open to public)
  • Des Moines, IA – TBD


  • Massachusetts – Please inquire for exact dates and locations
  • San Francisco, CA – Please inquire for exact dates and locations
  • New York/New Jersey – TBD
  • Ontario, Canada – Mar 27- Apr 4


  • Ontario, CANADA – Mar 27- Apr 4
  • Boise, ID – April 12 – 14
  • Maryland – Please inquire for exact dates and locations


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