I write. I write articles, I author and co-author books, chapters for other folks’ books, poetry and songs and fiction, and copywriting for projects, comics, and organizations.


I’ve authored books on my own, co-authored, and contributed chapters to other folks’ books. Below are those that have already been published (I have several on the way), with all the bibliographic details, and a link to purchase.


Unlocking the Magic of Facilitation

  • Authors: &
  • First Edition
  • Price: $14.95
  • ISBN: 0989760235
  • 154 pages
  • Get

A Guide to Gender

  • Author:
  • Illustrator: Sam Killermann
  • First Edition
  • ISBN: 0989760200
  • 250 pages
  • Get


How I Got Into Sex… Ed

  • Editor: Karen Rayne
  • Contributor: Sam Killermann
  • First Edition
  • Price: $29.95
  • Get


Advocating Creatively

  • Editor: Natalie A. Millman
  • Contributor: Sam Killermann
  • First Edition
  • ISBN: 1500943983
  • 316 pages
  • Price: $19.99
  • Get


Over the years, I’ve blogged in many places, but recently most of my writing has landed in one of three outlets.


Dear World is the name of my personal blog, where I do the most writing. There, things I tend to write about things like happiness, how less is usually more, and ways I try to be a better me.


It’s Pronounced Metrosexual is my most popular site and blog, with millions of readers. There, I write about things like sexuality, gender, and social justice.


Medium is where I go to write when I want to say something that won’t fit on either of the sites above. Generally, that’s a one-off thing that I don’t think my readers at either site will especially care about, but the internet-at-large might (like this). And sometimes I experiment with new ideas, like my Kinda Political comics. It’s also where I write to the hues Advisors.