Let’s be honest: “About” pages are pretty bleh. For a more fun idea, check out the “Now” page on this site.

Okay, now that I’ve gotten that off my chest — Hi! I’m Sam, and I wear a lot of hats. If you’ve poked around this site, specifically the work list, you’ve likely already figured that out.

If you’re curious about this site itself – how to navigate it, how I made it, etc. – check out this post.

I’m not really sure what you want to know about me, so I’ll do my best to answer the most common questions I get asked from crowd members and readers.

The Short Explanation

Here’s how I describe myself on Twitter (at the time of writing this page):

Activist / Social justice comedian. Author. Storyteller. Sexuality & Gender Educator. “He’s perfectly O.K. with being known as the toilet sign guy.” -@NYTimes

That last thing is my favorite brag. If you want to read more professional bio stuff and work brags, click over to my bio.

It’s generally hard to describe myself beyond that, because I do so many different things:

  • I’m an author of blogs, books, and chapters to books;
  • I doodle, illustrate, photograph, and design;
  • I’m a stand up comedian, speaker, and storyteller;
  • I code/develop all my own websites, full-stack;
  • I’m a facilitator and gender/sexuality educator;
  • I advise non-profits and social good organizers;
  • and I’m a lifelong activist for justice, peace, and a more beautiful world.

Me, in Bullets

Was that not short enough? Who doesn’t like being distilled down into a few easy to misinterpret and misconstrue bullet points? Oh, me. But this might be helpful to help you get a better sense of where I’m coming from, identity-lenses-wise. Consider this my YouSoup Recipe, in no particular order:

  • Sam
  • White
  • Man
  • Non-disabled
  • No religion (atheist)
  • Romantically and sexually attracted to women
  • Spiritually attracted to hummus
  • Plant eater
  • (E/I)NF(J/P)
  • Lower-class working poor upbringing (still am, but now often perceived as middle/middle-upper class)
  • Third child, two older sisters, one littler brother, divorced parents
  • Educated: high school, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees
  • Liberal/progressive-leaning, politically-unaffiliated
  • Parent (of a dog – and a total, unapologetic, obsessed #dogmom)

How I Pay Rent

The question I get asked the most: “You give away everything you make for free… how… do you afford… life?”

It is true that I spend most of my time creating free things for the internet, and that I’ve uncopyrighted all of my work.

In light of that, for the past several years, I have primarily earned a living from…

Something that’s super new, but I’m excited about, is starting to adopt the “patronage” way of doing things. So I’ll be hoping to, in the coming months, be less reliant on traveling and speaking and more able to just make things.

The two main places folks can patronize (?) me are:

Sam Killermann Headshot from 2016 - photograph by Sam Killermann
Sam Killermann Black and White Headshot from 2016 - photograph by Sam Killermann

Social Media Profiles & Presence

I don’t really use social media. I find it to be a consistent mind-suck, with the occasional feeling of Hellmouth. That said, here are the accounts I keep somewhat active:

Profiles: plenty. Presence: pitiful.

More Personal Deets?

People ask about these things a lot, so here they are:

  • Born in Chicago on July 21, 1987 (but I only lived there until I was 2)
  • Lived in more homes than I can count, from the Midwest to the Wild West
  • Live in Austin, TX. The best city in the US
  • Went to college at Purdue University, and grad school at Bowling Green State University
  • Yes, my “real” (i.e., familial, on my birth certificate from day one) surname is “Killermann”

That’s all, folks.

Oh, other than one more thing: did you know the 🤗 emoji was supposed to be a hug? I didn’t. I thought it was just an overly excited person waving with both hands at once (AKA me in a nutshell).