“A few months ago I [sarcastically] threw my hat into the Gender Neutral Bathroom Signage ring. I called that article a coping mechanism to help me deal with a current frustration. But thanks to you, the magic of the internet, and the fine folks at My Door Sign, it became a thing. Obviously, I’m thrilled. But my favorite part is all the little steps it took for this to happen.” Read how that happened here.

Here’s Sam Killermann’s design, that has become the all gender restroom sign used and distributed by My Door Sign to colleges, non-profits, and conferences (and White House[s?]) around the world.


This went from a snarky blog post into a real-life thing, in part because of a successful guerilla activism campaign hosted on It’s Pronounced Metrosexual. Printable versions of the Killermann sign can be found on IPM here.


Here’s a picture from Sam’s Instagram (@Killermann) showing how excited he was to see, a year after initiating all of this kerfuffle, his toilet doodle in his hometown Airport in Austin, TX.

The All Gender Restroom Sign