Gender. Sexuality. Social Justice.

Gender. Sexuality. Social justice. These themes shape the stories in all of my work — the books I write, the keynotes I deliver, the comedy shows I perform.

I'm an activist. Education is my tool of choice. And the needle on my compass points toward a world where everyone is healthy, understood, educated, and safe.

— sK


Heretic: Social Justice, Minus Dogma

A podcast about the social justice movement and the unwritten rules that underpin (and may undermine) it.


The Safe Zone Project 2.0

A [totally revamped] free online resource for LGBTQ+ awareness and allyship training workshops


This Site: Samuel Killermann Curriculum Vitae

How to use this site, how I made this site, and why.


Every Shirt is Political

Shirts, stencils, and prints that bring the protest to your everyday.

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Creating, podcasting, public thinking, throwing my 'career' under the bus. Driving the bus.